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The former Peters mansion and the Freeborn Falls. Photo by Gallagher Lake Country Real Estate.


PLEASE NOTE: As the Novitiate mansion is currently under construction, it is not available for event rentals (weddings, receptions, graduations, reunions, etc.) at this time. 


Use this form to request access to the property for photo shoots or any other purpose. Please allow several weeks for the owners to review requests and respond. Please note that unauthorized use of the mansion or the grounds is strictly prohibited and constitutes trespassing.

Thanks for submitting!


The Gresham Novitiate property has a long history and we realize that some of that history has dabbled in the supernatural or paranormal. We receive requests now and then from visitors who want access to the property to investigate ghosts, spirits or other phenomena. However, we do not allow any paranormal investigation on our grounds.

We are working hard to rebuild this beautiful place, and many have commented that a sense of peace is already felt on the property. Does that mean we do not believe in the supernatural? Actually, the owners have a very strong faith in God and his plan to use this property as a place of love, redemption and healing! We appreciate your support as we look to the future and re-imagine it for good.

Remember, accessing the property without permission, whether from the road or through the woods, is considered trespassing. Trespassers will be prosecuted. Thank you for your cooperation!

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