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Thank you for your interest in the Novitiate campus, including the mansion and the surrounding acreage. Currently, the entire campus is closed for construction and is unavailable for tours, events, photo shoots, reunions, etc. We can't wait to host an open house for the community when the construction is complete. Stay tuned!

Remember, accessing the property without permission, whether from the road or through the woods, is considered trespassing. Trespassers will be prosecuted. Thank you for your cooperation!

Photos courtesy of Curt Knoke

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Property History:
The Last
85+ Years


The mansion at the former Alexian Brothers Novitiate in Gresham, Wisconsin. 

1939- A wealthy woman from New York, Jennie Peters, begins building a home for herself and her disabled daughter. Work ensues on the Georgian-style mansion constructed of cut limestone. The mansion includes 35 rooms, a two-story stone portico, and a second story balcony overlooking Freeborn Falls on the Red River. Unfortunately, her daughter dies before the mansion is finished.

1948 - Mrs. Peters donates the mansion to the Alexian Brothers, a Catholic order devoted to caring for the sick.

1952 - The Alexian Brothers build several other buildings on the grounds including a chapel and dormitories.

1972 - The last of the Alexian Brothers leave the property and move operations to Chicago.

1975 - Standoff with the Menominee Warrior Society. Later that year, fire severely damages the property.

2004 - After changing hands multiple times, the buildings built by the Alexian Brothers are demolished, leaving only the mansion, which was again put up for sale in 2020.

2021 - New owners with ties to the area purchase the property in hopes of restoring the mansion and gorgeous 180 acre property. Working together with various local stakeholders, and listening to the community, we hope to create something special! Do you have ideas what the property could become? Share with us your feedback! 

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Property History:
The Alexian Brothers

Learn about the Alexian Brothers, the Catholic religious order that lived at the property from 1948 - 1972. What motivates the Alexian Brothers to continue with their vows and ministry to the poor?

Property History:
The Menominee Standoff

Learn about the history of the 1975 standoff with the Menominee Warrior Society as reflected by Patrick Rick, a former resident of the Alexian Brothers Novitiate. Or, read about it in his book: The Abbey & Me: Renegades, Rednecks, Real Estate & Religion.

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